Farmers Market | Part 2

Sales weren't very good in our first Farmers' Market so Totoro thought he would make a sign to help out.

He found a balloon somewhere. His plan was to float above the table and advertise, but I guess he was too heavy.


Farmers Market | Part 1

Totoro and I decided to try selling our books and board games at the Farmers' Market.

Totoro came up with a pose and everything. Ready to make some sales!


Back to Alberta | Part 17

After crawling into the glove box, Totoro circled like a cat and eventually fell asleep.


Back to Alberta | Part 16

Like a parrot on a pirate, Totoro perched on Dad's shoulder.

And then became an unwilling pillow.


Back to Alberta | Part 15

Totoro drank a whole bottle of water. Boy did he have to pee!

He also drank a whole bottle of Red Bull. He was bouncing off the walls.