World Junior Hockey | Part 2

We were anxious for the game to start. As team Canada stepped on the ice, the guys started cheering.


World Junior Hockey | Part 1

The annual tradition continues. We start the year with the World Junior Hockey Championship! Canada makes it all the way to the finals and faces off against Russia.



Almost there!

Totoro Year 4It's taken a few days but I've finished the rough draft of the book. The layout has been finalized and the illustrations are all done. I just need to get it proof read and we're off to the printers!

That also means that the new updates here on the blog will follow suit. With any luck we'll be starting them next week!

Make sure to check back every Wednesday!


Season 4 Update

Hey Everyone!

I'm a little behind again this year but rest assured Season 4 and the book that goes along with it are on their way! In fact, I'm about half done right now. I'll keep you up to date and hopefully you'll see it soon!

- Rick


Christmas | Part 24

Once presents were all done, Totoro played with Annabelle for the rest of the day!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Christmas | Part 23

Christmas Morning!

Totoro decided to try out some of the presents before we even opened them.

After everything was opened, Totoro kinda got buried in the wrapping and boxes... or maybe he was digging his way in.


Christmas | Part 21

On Christmas Eve Lindsay and Totoro sat down to an intense game of Mark Kart Wii.