Las Vegas | Part 2

While waiting at the airport, Totoro got bored sitting around.

He started out playing with Annabelle, but she lost interest in his games so he found other ways to occupy his time.


Las Vegas | Part 1

Mom and Dad decided to take the whole family to Las Vegas for a holiday. 

Totoro and Annabelle are all ready to go!


Farmers Market | Part 4

My sister Sara and I took part in the Christmas in September Farmers Market as well. 

The guys dressed up for the occasion.


Farmers Market | Part 3

At the next Farmer's market, Totoro and Cubby decided to show everyone how to play my board game.


Farmers Market | Part 2

Sales weren't very good in our first Farmers' Market so Totoro thought he would make a sign to help out.

He found a balloon somewhere. His plan was to float above the table and advertise, but I guess he was too heavy.


Farmers Market | Part 1

Totoro and I decided to try selling our books and board games at the Farmers' Market.

Totoro came up with a pose and everything. Ready to make some sales!


Back to Alberta | Part 17

After crawling into the glove box, Totoro circled like a cat and eventually fell asleep.