Back to Alberta | Part 16

Like a parrot on a pirate, Totoro perched on Dad's shoulder.

And then became an unwilling pillow.


Back to Alberta | Part 15

Totoro drank a whole bottle of water. Boy did he have to pee!

He also drank a whole bottle of Red Bull. He was bouncing off the walls.


Back to Alberta | Part 12

He grew tired of the shifter too, since it was an automatic and he never had to shift the gears. 

He decided to practice his head stands instead.


Back to Alberta | Part 9

Totoro got tired of navigating, so we gave him control over the radio.

Lesson learned. Don't ever let Totoro control your radio!


Back to Alberta | Part 8

After we got Totoro pulled over and Dad took the wheel, we gave Totoro the job of navigator.