Snowball Fight | Part 4

Totoro has a pile of snowballs and is ready for battle!

Phew, he just barely got out of the way of the first snowball I threw.


Snowball Fight | Part 2

Our friend Dawn came over for a snowball fight. Us vs. Totoro.

He had the advantage though; all we could see is his toque...


Okinawa | Part 9

How could you go to Japan without going to a Sushi restaurant?

This is Totoro, my friends and I with the Samurai Sushi Chef!


Okinawa | Part 8

We got to visit a traditional Okinawan village.
Totoro found some Shisa more his size, and I found some traditional Okinawan gates.


Okinawa | Part 7

There was also a big boat you could play on at Cape Zanpa.

Totoro is 'King of the World!'